Why Website Speed Matters

Why Website Speed Matters

We often want everything to be instant, if not, at least, we want it fast. Websites are not excluded from that. Otherwise, we leave because slow sites aren’t what we need. We look for another website that has a great loading speed.

What is Website Speed?

Website speed refers to the performance of a website’s fully loaded time. It refers to the complete loading of all the functional web pages on a website.

You need to understand that today’s generation is the most impatient audience of all time. And besides, no one wants a slow loading website.

Why Website Speed Matters?

First Impression

First impressions also apply to websites. Every time a user stops by your website, they will surely make conclusions and judgments. If your website is all about business or nonprofit, website quality is a necessity. Website speed is a need for quality to attract. Otherwise, those visitors would not want to come back.

Everyone Wants Speed

Today’s generation is a time for innovation and unending development. Marketer competes for speed and clients expect high site speed. If you lack this, you would probably miss it.

User Experience

Slow-loading websites and poor response time will lead to a bad user experience. The more the user waits, the more they get frustrated. It may lead them to go ahead and leave.

Slow Leads To Lost Opportunities

Given the bad user experience scenario, it is clear that it can cause a website to go behind. Website visitors might be a possible customer for a business or a supporter for a nonprofit. These great things can be ruined by a slow speed and will be equal to lost opportunities.

Fast Leads To Growth

Yet, fast loading websites certainly leads to growth. Those transferring website visitors may find their way to you which is good for your bounce rate. The greater visitors your website may have, the higher the potential sales you can close.

Website Speed Affects Google Rank

Google sets pretty high when it comes to the speed of a website. They strive to make the whole web fast. And because Google can’t see your website visually, it will be based on your website’s quality. Great website speed is one of the necessities of this. The greater the website speed you have, the more your website will rank and go up.

What Factors Affect Website Speed?

Page Total Size

The total resources your website has can make a great impact on your website’s performance. Massive JavaScript and CSS files, high-definition images, and video contents. All these affect the website speed.

It is important to minimize file sizes to reduce the site’s weight and sustain quick loading pages.

Web Hosting

Web hosting services affect the speed of your website. Choosing the best web hosting service for your business or nonprofit is a tough thing to do. It will base on the specific needs of your website. It will depend on your website purpose, growth anticipation, and budget among others. But, important factors should be considered in choosing a web hosting. It includes the uptime and load speed, types of server, and customer support.

Network Conditions

Even if these things are considered and your website will be made lightweight. The connection of your user’s network will be the final basis of the website speed. The slow connection may result in slow page loads. Hence, a fast internet connection delivers great website speed.


Website speed matters in all businesses and nonprofits. The faster it loads, the more chance for the website to rank.

Here at Black & Blue Tech Labz, we do IT with impact. We ensure that every website we create has the speed at its finest. We’ll be happy to serve you to the best of our abilities.


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