Quire Project Management Software Review

Quire Project Management Software Review

Project management tools are now everywhere. Most of them claim efficiency, easy collaboration, and justifiable cost. Contrarily, clients look for faster and better tools to achieve productivity at its finest.

Here, we have come up with the idea of giving Quire a review. With this, we aim to help you get through the never-ending quest in the project management space.

Quire is a collaborative project management tool. It is for individuals and teams from micro to medium-sized enterprises. They also collaborated with Google and Zoom to provide free accounts for nonprofits. They want to share the burden of the nonprofits who have been suffering from the pandemic. They want to provide easy organizing and planning of tasks to the users. 

Our team has been currently using this free project management software. It helped us collaborate on our projects effectively, even when we are working at our homes.

Its simplicity helped us to precisely outline our thoughts. The software features are really good and it caters to what we need.

Kanban Board

Quire uses Kanban implementation in managing tasks. It allows us to better manage and focus on our tasks. I like how I can change its status from To-Do into In Progress, for Review, and Completed. It also lets our Team Leader know what task we are working on.

You can also set its deadline and priority level from Urgent, High, Medium, and Low. It lets us know what task should be prioritized.


When we work together on a project, we get together to get it done. Chances are we get confused by dealing with a bunch of tasks about the project. Some tasks are not relevant to me but cannot rub them out because other members are working on them.

The sublist feature of Quire helps in this complexity. With this, assigning relative tasks can be easy and organized. It helps me focus on myself, as well as the other members to themselves. It lets us work on the right tasks without any distractions while being proactive to stay ahead of the deadlines.

Nested Tasks

Quire’s nested task feature is useful for our planning and seeing the bigger picture of our projects. When we do the planning, we tend to jot down ideas into a list of To-Dos. After finalizing, it is then the time to assign those lists to the boards for managing and completion. It’s so efficient and organized.

Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks are helpful for tasks that need repetition in a definite pattern. My weekly tasks like social media weekly planner need this feature. It reminds me of my tasks regularly without the need of adding the tasks repeatedly.

Other Amazing Features

Quire offers a whole lot of features. You can do file sharing and can share your projects with anyone. It is also secure because you get to choose the role and grant permission to whom you wish to share your projects. You’ll also get reminders for the tasks that are about to reach their due. You’ll get notified once you were given a task, got mentioned, or anything that needs you to be informed. Quire also has an integration with several apps for you to work easier.


Quire is a free project management software at the moment. You can make use of 35 organizations, 80 projects, and 30 members per organization for your free account.

For small businesses and nonprofits that are looking for a tool for project planning, better try this free project management software. There’s no need to worry about the sudden launching of the pricing packages. Everything that you are currently working on will remain free of charge.

Quire is really outstanding, don’t you think? It can cater to all you need, no more, and no less.

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