How Publer Nailed Being Our Agency’s Social Media Superhero

How Publer Nailed Being Our Agency’s Social Media Superhero

It’s been more than a year already since we started using Publer. And for our agency, Publer is not like any other social media scheduler. It is our agency’s social media superhero and lifesaver.

Black & Blue Tech Labz and Its Side Projects

We already know that for brands to boost, we need to promote them. And that is what we did for our agency – Black & Blue Tech Labz.

Black & Blue Tech Labz is a web design agency in the Philippines that offers website design & development, search engine optimization, and digital marketing. We keep promoting it and its services across our social media accounts.

At first, it was all manageable that I even thought about why use Publer if I can post it on the platform directly.

But along with the progress, comes greater responsibilities.

Black & Blue Tech Labz has three social media accounts in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Black & Blue Tech Labz then launched a special project for nonprofit organizations – Nonprofit Websites. It is a project where we create professional, custom-designed websites for nonprofit organizations. It has two social media accounts at the moment in LinkedIn and Twitter.

Misamis Occidental Jobs is our other project. It is a job portal website for job vacancies in the province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines. It has two social media accounts in Facebook and YouTube.

Bisan Unsa Lang Ang Diskarte (BULAD) Media is a project that we’ll work on in our leisure time. It is a commercial channel where we promote generic and local products that we can think of to maintain work and fun balance. BULAD Media has three social media accounts in Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Divi Freelancers for Hire, WordPress in a Minute, and Vlog Ginagmay are social media accounts associated and managed under Black & Blue Tech Labz.

Publer Being The Social Media Superhero

Publer Being The Social Media Superhero

Managing all these social media accounts manually is absolutely hard if not impossible. But with Publer, posting and scheduling on social media were made easy. It is so efficient, orderly, and user-friendly. You can schedule posts and target them according to the time and day that it’ll be best available for the audience. If something goes off, you can edit its content or the schedule. I love how you can create your posting schedule with labels in it and select between labels upon scheduling. It’ll save you time, every time. And the calendar, it’s so efficient when scheduling after some time of being away. You can always have a glimpse from where you left it out to easily get back on track in scheduling posts. Its analytics provide accurate insights into how the posts are performing.

Truly, Publer is a social media superhero. Thank you, Publer, for coming to the rescue. Otherwise, we may have been in agony on manually posting on social media or stumbling to search for your greatness’ alternatives.

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