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Simple Acts of Kindness - Black & Blue Tech Labz

Black & Blue Tech Labz continuously aims for improvement for the betterment of the agency’s performance through technical skills training. The team members need to have the confidence that they can satisfactorily perform the task. But aside from all that, Black & Blue Tech Labz is not just an agency constantly aiming for personal development and improvement. We are more than just a developing agency that you see outwardly, we are an agency with a heart for charity. And we give back by the simple acts of kindness that we know in our own way.

Free Website Design for Nonprofit Organizations As An Act of Kindness

When Black & Blue Tech Labz launched Nonprofit Websites, we offered free website design for local nonprofit organizations.

Our primary reason for offering free website design for nonprofit organizations is to build our portfolio for eligibility.

Upon discussing the nonprofit organizations’ overview with the founders for the website development, we see the passion in them. We have seen that they have an eye for a potential opportunity for their organization and their eagerness to get what’s best for their nonprofit.

Here are the websites that we design and develop for nonprofit organizations. We are proud to be part of these organizations’ journey.

Nonprofit Website Design

Free Video Editing as a Simple Acts of Kindness in Showing Support to Ramon Magsaysay Municipal Police Station and Local Sports Club

Not only the nonprofit organizations we have been supporting, but also the local sports club in our town, RM Racquettes, and our peacekeepers, Ramon Magsaysay Municipal Police Station.

We are doing these small acts of kindness to RM Racquettes and Ramon Magsaysay Municipal Police Station through BULAD Media. BULAD Media is our side project that aims to promote generic products and services, as well as to maintain work and fun balance in our workplace.

Currently, we’ve been editing the uploaded videos on RM Racquettes’ Facebook page. We support their sports and recreational activities.

BULAD Media also edited the video for Ramon Magsaysay MCAD Official FB Page’s BARANGAYanihan Caravan where the activity manifests good governance and better services in adherence to the whole of nation approach.

And Ramon Magsaysay Municipal Police Station’s Simulation Exercise on Bombing Incident (SIMEX) relative to the Filing of Certificates of Candidacy (COCs) and Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance (CONAs).

Job Portal Website for Job Vacancies in the Province of Misamis Occidental

Misamis Occidental Jobs is a project of Black & Blue Tech Labz that offers reliable job options for the people of Misamis Occidental.

Misamis Occidental Jobs

This job portal website aims to deliver reliable job vacancies in different job categories to the people of Misamis Occidental on their phones at the comfort of their homes. Especially in today’s ongoing crisis because of the pandemic where lots of people lose their jobs. We aim to help these people find jobs without risking their health and the health of their families because they need to go out to look for a job.

These simple acts of kindness are our way of giving back to the community. We are proud to see these small acts of kindness coming a long way. And we hope that this will inspire you, as much as it inspires us by helping others, too.


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