10 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Use Google Analytics

Why Use Google Analytics in Website

If you have a website, you should probably be using Google Analytics. It is one of the most important digital analytics software for every website owner. It is free and it provides accurate data of your website visitor’s activities.

Google Analytics lets you track and understand your website visitor’s behavior. It provides data about the user experience, device category, and more. Its reports are helpful for an in-depth analysis of details to improve your website.

But, how is it important and why should we use it on our websites?

1. It’s Free

We often undervalue anything free. We always thought that great things come with a price. But with Google Analytics, this thought is a fallacy.

Google will not charge you for using Google Analytics but the service that you can get can definitely maximize the performance of your website.

2. You Get To Know How Visitors Find Your Website

The Acquisition section in Google Analytics will tell you how visitors find your website. You will know whether it came from search engines, social networks, or website referrals.

This entire section will show you which marketing effort (if you do) works best for your website.

3. You Can Track Visitors Activities On Your Website

Getting visitors to your website is the first struggle. But keeping them around and making sure they come back is just as important.

The Behavior section in Google Analytics tracks down the visitor’s entry page, what page they visit next (if any), and how long they spend time roaming around your website.

This section will help you understand what pages of your website successfully attract visitors and what pages need improvement to gather people around longer.

4. You Get To Know Who Visit Your Website

With Google Analytics, you will be able to unveil important data about your visitors which you can use to enhance more traffic to your website.

The Audience section in Google Analytics will provide you information about your website visitors such as age, gender, interests, device, and location.


Google Analytics will give you a graph of your visitors’ age by bracket. By this, you will be able to know the average age of your audience and can optimize your website accordingly.


Knowing your audience’s gender will help you on how to approach and communicate with them.


Google Analytics provides information that will enable you to understand the interests of your audience. This will guide you in optimizing your website according to their interests.


Google Analytics provides information on the browser and device category your audience used. Knowing this will help you know what browser and device you will focus to optimize.


Google Analytics will let you know not just the country but also the city of your audience. It also includes the language that they use. With this information, you can then formulate better marketing strategies.

5. To Know Why Visitors Are Bouncing Off  Your Website

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors who leave after visiting only one page. This could be because visitors are not finding what they are looking for. It could also be the landing page that is not optimized or not attractive.

A high bounce rate needs immediate action. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it is to your website.

6. You Can Determine The Most Popular Pages On Your Website

Getting to know what pages do well in getting website traffic will help you tailor another page or content that is successful. You will also be able to improve high bounce rating pages according to your past successes.

7. Determine What Social Platforms To Target

Social media platforms are a great source of engagement and traffic. With Google Analytics, you will know what platforms get the highest traffic to your website. From that, you can decide what platform you’ll increase your marketing efforts.

8. Know What Kind of Content You’ll Write

Your content is where you get to share your knowledge and be seen as an expert. However, great content is what drives traffic to your website.

Google Analytics tracks the views of all your content. With this data, you will know what content is popular with your audience. You can then write similar content or change old content to attract more website traffic.

9. Create Customized Reports

Google Analytics allows you to create customized reports by dragging and dropping through the interface. You just pick from the dimensions and metrics and arrange it to how you want it to be displayed.

10. Track Conversions

Websites have different actions that they want visitors to take. Google Analytics has Goals that you can set up to track conversions. It could be filling out forms, signing up for a newsletter, or completing a purchase.

Conversion rates can also be a measurement if a website is actually doing its job. Google Analytics will help you find out whether you achieve it or not.

The Takeaway

There’s a lot of good reasons to use Google Analytics. Make sure you have it installed on your website and measure the success with Google Analytics.

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